Friday, December 09, 2005

It's that time of year again

Time to listen to the fundamentalists complain about taking the Christ out of Christmas.

I regularly read letters to the editor in newspapers around the country and the Christmas issue is clearly the most important issue affecting Americans today. The war in Iraq does not even come close. Terror and torture are minor annoyances compared to the devastating effect of wishing someone "Happy Holidays".

I am tempted to go off on a rant about how the reason for the season is the tilt of the earth's axis and not some fairly recent mythological creation but I won't. Nor will I harp on the fact that almost all Christmas traditions come from pagan roots. I most definitely will not be pointing out that Christmas is a Catholic tradition more than it is a Protestant one.

Instead, I want to point out the unbridled hatred involved in the fundamentalists defense against the "War on Christmas" or the "Assault on Christmas". The core assertion is that being inclusive and wishing someone "Happy Holidays" is a clear attack on Christianity. The sheer irony of the fact that they are considering being nice to someone to be unchristian is only excused by the weight of the burden that Christians bear in being such an oppressed minority.

In order to even understand their logic, you must understand that to their mind their myth is true and all others are just myths. Everyone is a Christian deep down but doesn't want to admit it because they are following some fad like Islam, Hinduism, or Logic. In their mind not wishing someone "Merry Christmas" means that you are under the influence of Satan.

In reality, it is not that they feel their Christian values are threatened but that they have no respect for any American that is not part of the cult. They are not threatened by inclusion, they are avowedly anti-inclusion. They are not afraid of multiculturalism, they actively despise other cultures. If you are not with them, you are against them.

And they are certainly against you.


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