Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Crazy in Cali

Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed suit today over an attempt by a California school to teach a class solely promoting creationism in a public school. The class wasn't even trying to be moderately secular unlike like those sneaky bastards at the Bible Literacy Project. Rather, it was a naked attempt to turn an American school into a Christian madrasa. It was to be taught by ministers wife and was to be entitled "Philosophy of Design".

The initial course description was :"the class will take a close look at evolution as a theory and will discuss the scientific, biological and biblical aspects that suggest why Darwin's philosophy is not rock solid. The class will discuss intelligent design as an alternative response to evolution. Physical and chemical evidence will be presented suggesting the earth is thousands of years old, not billions."

The class was to only present the Christian creationist myth. It was Sunday school with tax dollars and nothing more. It was, in the end, an anti-science class. In fact, of the many videos (all pro-creationism) to which the students were to be subjected, one was created by those delusional schizophrenics at Answers in Genesis. The organization actually promotes teaching to children that dinosaurs and humans lived together a few thousand years ago.

If these people were in control we wouldn't even have indoor plumbing. Creationism is nothing more than the personification of the natural world, it is not a rational hypothesis. It how animals and cavemen think. The statement that "the world is too purty to be an accident" is not an argument. The fact that we are even having this debate demeans the entire nation.


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Anyone who thinks creationism is the truth ought to visit and get the $20 e-book offered there. This will clear up the myth. And the bullshit about the long odds doesn't cut it either. It doesn't matter how long the odds are--that we are here is evidence enough that it is in fact possible for man to evolve.

The Watchtower Society itself has a book on the subject, claiming that all the evidence of evolution could fit on a ping-pong table. This is a specious argument if I ever heard one. All the evidence of creation could fit inside of a neutrino. I have never seen ANY solid evidence of creation. However, I HAVE seen some on evolution. Just because some cult teaches creation based solely on heresay doesn't give them the right to force it on everyone. And there is plenty of evidence for evolution. Just ask anyone who has ever caught an infection that is resistant to antibiotics that used to work. Here is a fine example of evolution, thank you.

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