Monday, October 16, 2006

Dance with the Devil and the Devil don't change

So, the theocrats didn't get what they wanted from their new savior. Apparently Bushco stirred up the evangelical base and then didn't deliver the values to the voters. At the same time they mocked the leaders (how can you not?) and derided their policies. Well, I would hope so.

I did notice awhile ago that our born again president was reluctant to wade into homosexuality, did nothing on abortion, gave only lip service to indecency (gave, not received, unlike the last president), and limply pushed "faith-based" initiatives once elected. He used them. Big shock.

The fact is that when you can lockstep organize like the radical evangelicals, you form an easy to get at block of voters. Since they are already brainwashed, it takes almost no effort to get them going in a certain direction. Like anyone else who is hypnotized, you only need recite a few key phrases and they will follow you like the pied piper.

However, how can you ever be taken seriously when you push the following:

1. Dinasours and humans lived together 6000 years ago, and this is what children should be taught in public schools.

2. They have a direct link to the beyond, giving them absolute knowledge of morality.

3. The world was a better place when women were in the home and slaves were in the field.

4. Hearing the word "shit" will permanently destroy a young mind, but teaching them to shoot is just fine.

5. The founders wanted this country to be one giant church with a pope as president.

6. Where to stop?

The fact is that these people are theocrats. Absolutely and completely. You cannot give them an inch. Ultimately they want a large crucifix on the front of ever Federal building and the bible taught as fact in school. They want to create a tiered society with Christians at the top, and everyone else just guests. You'd have to be a complete moron to go along with their policies, but also you'd have to be a complete moron not to try to utter the hypnotic trigger words that get them to vote for you. Shootin' ducks in a barrel.

Wait ... He is a moron. Oh yeah, the article was about the staff, not Bush. Maybe someone will read it to him and include some illustrations. Maybe a pop-up book where you can pull the elephants tail and his ears go up.


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